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Our Expertise

Environmental Review

San Diego Land Lawyers is a leading practitioner of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and other environmental review regulations. A major component of the firm’s practice includes assisting with the preparation and review of environmental impacts reports and other planning studies and project documents to ensure compliance with CEQA and other relevant land use and environmental statutes. SDLL’s practice areas include a full range of administrative environmental review processes including:

  • Identifying an initial strategy including the use of all possible exemptions;
  • Working with applicants and agencies to develop defensible project objectives;
  • Developing a realistic schedule from review through final approvals;
  • Reviewing and providing input to draft documents, responses to comments and
    cycle issues reports and staff reports;
  • Reviewing and commenting on public draft environmental review documents;
  • Representing clients in public hearings;
  • Drafting findings, resolutions, mitigation and reporting plans, zoning ordinances,
    plan amendments; development agreements and other development entitlements.

Land Use & Permitting

San Diego Land Lawyers represents public agencies, private entities and public interest groups on a wide variety of matters related to land use planning and securing permits and other entitlements. Our many years of experience encompass a broad scope of activities and laws, including:

  • Assistance with site acquisition and due diligence;
  • Amendment and adoption of general plans, community plans, specific plans, redevelopment plans and zoning ordinances;
  • Interpretation and application of the State Planning & Zoning Law, the Subdivision Map Act, the Williamson Act, State and Federal Endangered Species Acts, the Coastal Act, and other related land use statutes;
  • Drafting development agreements, finance plans, easements, memoranda of understanding, and other development-related documents and entitlements.

Governmental Relations

A key aspect of our practice involves interacting with local officials on behalf of our clients as part of an educational and advocacy process. Through face-to-face meetings, we educate local officials and industry leaders about projects to help them understand the specific complexities and to allow them to make informed decisions at public hearings

Initiatives & Referenda

San Diego Land Lawyers advises private entities regarding local ballot measures, including initiatives and referenda involving land use and development matters. Our services include drafting initiatives and referendum petitions to ensure compliance with state and local laws, and assisting in the development of political strategies and public outreach.